Grano Beverages, a new entrant in the craft beer market, approached us with an interesting challenge. They wanted to create a trendy & global looking Indian beer brand —and they needed us to bring a brand new & refreshing beer brand to life. They wanted us to level up the sophistication from the existing players & match it to their powerful & aspirational customers waiting to embibe & try the new product.

We chose to derive inspiration from the new company name from the popular Dutch word 'Proost" that means 'Cheers' and blend it with the number '69' that was referred from the brand to us for numerological reasons. The creative energy and offbeat originality of the product was something we knew was important to highlight too — we were branding a product that lives and breathes branding, and the possibilities for creative execution were limitless.

Through strategy we discovered how the new brand should communicate that power of transformative unity, both in visual and verbal identity with its next gen adaptive audience. Visuals evoked bright neon colors to create new bonds at high temperatures, while the brand voice and tone created a unifying, collaborative energy. We developed a visual strategy that told stories about the different beer styles, including the mascot, 'The Owl'. The visually bold, fun, confident bottles & cans offer an identifiable, unified brand that drives recognition, differentiates from the competition and creates a sustained conversation with customers.

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