Craftsvilla is a marketplace to "Discover Unique Indian Products" including Handmade, Vintage, Ethnic, Organic and Natural products from India.


  • Introduce Craftsvilla across all media verticals as India's first most comprehensive & rapidly growing online marketplace for handcrafted items
  • Build awareness about's extensive product categories, product quality, delivery promise and customer support
  • Promote both the founders Ms.Monica Gupta & Mr.Manoj Gupta as a duo working together on the quest of making a robust Indian marketplace for handcrafted items
  • Hunt various Brand & Personal Profiling opportunities
  • Ensure Industry Story participation in order to establish the brand at par with its competition
  • Position both the founders as a visionary entrepreneur
  • Highlight positive image of the brand to attract investors interest
  • Profiling of various sellers on to generate buzz for B2B expansions
  • Hunt strategic alliances for the brand to create and build awareness
  • Assist brand in their expansion plans



    Collected important info from the brand on its product range, success and other USP's


    Brand familiarisation with media by info seeding into selective Media verticals


    Secured various profiling opportunities with leading dailies, financials, regionals & e-portals catering to the TG. Featured as a leading marketplace with extensive product categories of handcrafted items

    Select emailer & telephonic Interviews with Founders: Interview with top tier Lifestyle Magazines & Supplement to talk about Craftsvilla's rise from the scratch, Various Case Studies & Expansion Plans

    Secured various industry story participation opportunities for brand to position them as Industry experts

    Issued tips, bylines articles on weekly & fortnightly basis to various lifestyle media. Also took parts in various industry stories and interviews

    Secured opportunities with all leading Financials & health media talking about the expansion plans, team & service innovations. Also to attract probable investors.

  • Extensive Brand Awareness & Promotion across India
  • Inc. in web traffic
  • Brand successfully positioned as a leading marketplace for Handcrafted products
  • Founders established as an Industry Expert
  • Secured funding from Nexus Venture
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    Its been a great journey with you guys. The way you guys follow up is really impeccable. In our busy hours, the way your team performs is really great. We never thought that you guys are an external agency handling our media relations. Keep up the spirit.

    Co-Founder -

    We endeavored to create an identity that honors the Marketo history but projects a strong vision of the future.