AppStudioz a rapidly growing app development company based out of Noida led by visionary entrepreneur "Mr.Saurabh Singh". The company on its success track was looking to attract Investors & Acquirers interest


  • Introduce AppStudioz across all media verticals as a rapidly growing app development company from India
  • Promote various achievements of the company as well as the top leadership to gain media attraction
  • Hunt various Brand & Personal Profiling opportunities
  • Ensure Industry Story participation in order to establish the brand at par with its competition
  • Position Mr.Saurabh as a young visionary entrepreneur and AppStudioz as a leading app develop company in order to attract potential investors & acquirers



    Collected important info from the brand on its product, success and other USP's


    Brand familiarisation with media by info seeding into selective Media vertica


    Your Story: feature App Studioz as the Next App Development Giant from India Select emailer & telephonic Interviews with Mr.Saurabh: Interview with top tier Business Media List regarding his and companies achievement Industry Story Participation: Secured various industry story participation opportunities for brand to position them as Industry experts

  • Extensive Brand Awareness through media coverage
  • Received Investor queries
  • Spokesperson established as an Industry Expert
  • No coverage in negative stories
  • AppStudioz

    I couldn’t be more proud to have you as our trusted partners in all things related to our brand.

    Sarah Kennedy, CMO at Marketo

    We endeavored to create an identity that honors the Marketo history but projects a strong vision of the future.