AktivOrtho (now AktivHealth) is India's first-of-its-kind comprehensive centre for orthopaedic, neurological and gynaecological rehabilitation as well as sports medicine, pain management, prevention, medical training therapy (MTT) and weight management solutions. As a new entrant into the market, the objective was:

  1. Introduce AktivOrtho across all media verticals as India's most comprehensive & rapidly growing centre for ortho, neuro & gynac rehabilitation
  2. Build awareness about its core offerings on the non-invasive treatment and prevention of all types of chronic and acute musculoskeletal problems as well as neurological disorders through various media verticals
  3. Promote centres equipped with state-of-the-art, German designed rehabilitation equipment
  4. Promote team of experienced and certified medical professionals led by Dr. Muellerand Dr. Rana Chengappa
  5. Promote various cases studies as well as the top leadership to gain media attraction
  6. Position Ms.Gabrielle Seacy & Dr. Gerd Mueller as a visionary entrepreneur
  7. Assist brand in their expansion plan of opening other centres in Delhi-NCR.


Collected important info from the brand on its services, success and other USP's


Brand familiarisation with media by info seeding into selective Media vertica


Secured various profiling opportunities with leading dailies, financials, regionals & e- portals catering to the TG. Featured AktivOrtho as a new entrant with a different approach and a highly trained and experienced staff

Select emailer & telephonic Interviews with Dr.Gerd Mueller, Ms.Seacy & Other specialist: Interview with top tier Health Magazines & Supplement to talk about AktivOrtho's core offering, Various Case Studies & Expansion Plans

Industry Story Participation: Secured various industry story participation opportunities for brand to position them as Industry experts

Issued tips, bylines articles on weekly & fortnightly basis to various lifestyle media. Also took parts in various industry stories and interviewsExpansion Stories - Secured opportunities with all leading Financials & health media talking about the expansion plans, team & service renovations

Explored various opportunities with relevant media for team profiling to showcase team as experts

  • Extensive Brand Awareness & Promotion in Delhi-NCR
  • Inc. in queries
  • Brand featured as a leading Ortho Rehab Centre in Delhi-NCR across all media verticals
  • Spokesperson established as an Industry Expert
  • Educated TG about the benefits of Non Invasive treatments
  • Conveyed expansion plans of the organisation
  • No coverage in negative stories
  • Flowers

    I couldn’t be more proud to have you as our trusted partners in all things related to our brand.

    Sarah Kennedy, CMO at Marketo

    We endeavored to create an identity that honors the Marketo history but projects a strong vision of the future.